Based on feedback from our students, we developed a new one-day tool sharpening class for 2019.

The techniques we teach are designed to take advantage of hand sharpening methods such as files, stones, pucks, sand-paper, and leather strops. There are plenty of automated sharpening methods that work just fine for putting an edge on Sharp and Pointy Thingys; however, we focus on hand sharpening. We want to feel the edge as we move it towards a mirror finish. In the process, we make stuff really sharp. If you value hard work, conversation, and community, then this class is for you!

During this class we will cover the following topics:

  • Sharp & Pointy Thingys
  • Sharpening Practices, Tools, and Equipment
  • Axe Sharpening Demo/Student Practice
  • Cutting a Tenon Demo
  • Auger Bit Sharpening Demo/Student Practice
  • Cutting a Mortise Demo
  • Chisel Sharpening Demo/Student Practice

Our first class offering is at our shop in Red Wing, MN on February 9, 2019. We are finalizing two additional classes one in March and another in May. If interested, drop us a line and we will provide the details when available.