Camp at the Creek
Best camp site in Wisconsin; only minutes from Silver Creek Springs Farm.
Barron County MTB Trail System
Get directions from “Tony” at the Creeky Wheel

Last weekend, we attended the Farm to Trail Event.  We stayed at Silver Creek Springs Farm with our hosts Tony and Lisa Kofakis.  As those of us closing in on 60 say…the experience was “Awesome, Way Cool, and Rad.”  Do they still say Rad?  Well, maybe not. Anyway, in my time I’ve attended or promoted many events, including the Rouge Roubaix, where we sprung the Angola Band from a maximum security prison to bump elbows with hot little blonds in cycling clothing.   Alright, another time, another story.  However, that said, it should be clear that I’ve been around the block in regards to events that rock, events that roll, and events that touch your soul!   Hands down,   Farm to Trail….Best Event Ever!  

We arrived Friday evening with a few family members.  When we departed on Sunday, it was clear that we renewed our connection to old friends, shared outdoor experiences with family, and connected with new folks that moving forward will be our friends. We did some mountain biking on the brand new Creeky Wheel trail system in Barron County.  And, the Creeky Wheel happens to be located at Silver Creek Springs Farm, so if you need a little tune up, or want to rent a mountain bike or fat bike to check out a new ride, well, you are covered.  Full Boor Farm hosted a kayak expedition down Hay Creek.  This was a three hour tour that featured rock walls, prairie grass, sand bars, wildlife, and some of the best scenery the area has to offer. Finally, on Sunday morning we biked over to Yoga in the Barn at the Lazy I Ranch.   For  a guy that on a good day can barely touch his thighs, this Yoga class was “Crazy Business.”  I left the class feeling confident, relaxed, with a bit of an exercise buzz.  So cool! I attended this event with my son Corey and daughter-in-law Addie.  Next year, for sure, we will back