Do it yourself…

Build your own small timber frame. You bring your passion and recruit some help. Anderson TimberWorks will work with you to design a small timber frame; then, in a 5-7 day workshop, we teach your team to cut and raise your frame.

Anderson TimberWorks will source materials, arrange delivery, provide plans, and can provide some loaner tools. You provide the location, site prep, and basic raising materials (planking and poles).

No experience required.

This option is available 1-3 times per year. In order to source materials we need to confirm the design and approach a couple months before the workshop.

Pricing ranges from $3000-$6000 depending on the size of the frame. $500 deposit required to book a time slot.

This class is designed to build the skills and confidence needed to tackle a small building. No experience required, we will cover safe work practices and teach proper operation of hand and power tools. The class focuses on traditional building methods supplemented with modern tooling. We employ square rule methodology to layout timbers. Then, we cut, and raise a small timber frame structure using traditional tools.

No experience needed. We supply the community tooling, instruction, and material. Along with your positive attitude, willingness to learn, you will need to bring the following:

  • 1 1/2” Framing Chisel (long handle)

  • Layout Tape (16’ Minimum)

  • Framing Square

  • Marking Pencil

  • Foul Weather Clothing

  • Leather Shoes

  • Gloves

  • Safety Glasses

If you need help in sourcing tooling or would like to arrange for loaner tooling, contact Jon at Anderson TimberWorks.

Tool List:  Tools will be provided.  However, if you have items on the tool list, please bring them to class.

During the class we will layout timbers using the Square Rule method, cut mortises, tenons, knee braces, and rafters. We will assemble and test fit the structure and use the draw boring technique to pull things together. On the final class day, we raise the structure and introduce lifting shears, gin poles, and safe raising practices. The class will cover the following topics in detail:

  • TF Terms

  • Tools (Hand & Power)

  • Square Rule Layout

  • Timber List

  • Layout & Shop Standards

  • Sharpening (Chisel and Auger Bit)

  • Measuring and Checking Techniques

  • Making Pegs

  • Draw boring

  • Shaving Horse

  • Raising & Rigging

  • TF Design

  • TF Beam Loading (FF Beam Calculator)

  • Google Sketchup & TF Extensions

  • Reference Document Review

On Friday or Saturday night, if the weather is good we might burn a little wood and have a little pot-luck BBQ, beer, and brats.

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